High Power and High Voltage Connectors and Contacts

High Power and High Voltage Connectors have been a part of Amphenol Aerospace’s legacy since World War II. While we still supply decades-old power connectors for military applications, we’re now providing new connectors, such as High Power 38999, High Voltage 38999, HVDC, and custom busbars to meet the latest power needs for electric and hybrid-electric military vehicles, and all-electric urban air mobility and commercial aircraft.

Product High Power Contacts
High Power Contacts
High power contact options for mil-spec type connectors to increase ampacity by up to 50%.

Featured Products

Product High Power 38999
High Power 38999
D38999 Series III shell with RadSok, Temper-Grip, or standard high power contacts to accommodate requirements for 500+ amps.
Product Class L Connectors
Class L Connectors
Amphenol Class L 22992 heavy-duty connectors are the largest size cylindricals.
Product MGT-5015 Reverse Bayonet Coupling
MGT-5015 Reverse Bayonet Coupling
An expansion of the GT-5015 series, offering a rugged environment connector in new finishes such as Durmalon and Black Zinc Nickel for military applications.
Product Temper-Grip
By increasing Ampacity by up to 40%, you can increase the value of your system or potentially downsize your cable size and space you occupy on your panel.

Amphenol Aerospace has led the connector industry with Military and Aerospace Power Distribution Connector Solutions. Whether it was helping to power soldier shelter systems, military ground vehicles, commercial aircraft engines, or the latest space launch vehicles, Amphenol Aerospace has been at the forefront of design and development. As we move beyond the current Mil-Spec standards to more custom, high-power needs, our connector designs and solutions have continued to evolve as the demand for more power increases. See our Product Configurator for available drawings and 3D models.


High Power Contacts

The foundation of our newest High Power Products is the development of our High Power Contacts which allow for greater current carrying capacity, or amperage, and are able to withstand higher temperatures in the same sizes as current Mil-Spec style pin and socket contacts. Our Temper Grip Contacts which utilize a stainless steel napkin ring to prevent the beryllium copper tines from “relaxing” at higher temperatures and maintaining a greater area of true contact in all situations to decrease resistance, are rated for 220 amps and 200+ deg C for Size 0 contacts. Our RADSOK Socket Contacts utilize a stamped and formed flat grid, uniquely twisted into a hyperbolic geometry to provide robust, high-density contact, are rated 250 deg C for Size 0 contacts. Our new HCP (High Current Pin) Contacts, which are fully interchangeable with AS39029 pin contacts, use high conductivity alloys and precision machining to improve ampacity up to 20%.


Next Generation High Power Connectors

These new contact technology developments allow us to greatly improve on Mil-Spec standard connectors, such as MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, MIL-DTL-5015, and MIL-DTL-22992, to design the next generation of High Power Connectors. The Matrix 38999 Series combines the best of 38999 Series III shells and 5015 Connectors insert assemblies with Temper Grip and RADSOK Socket Contacts to provide a much-improved power connector with greater EMI performance in a familiar connector package. The High Power 38999 and High Power 5015 Series also use Temper Grip and RADSOK contacts to give users up to 1000 amps current carrying capacity. Our MIL-DTL-22992 Connectors include the standard Mil-Spec versions, as well as Commercial Class L Connectors and QWLD Connectors. We also have a rectangular, rack and panel-style HVDC Connector for commercial aerospace power needs that can support up to 365 amps.


High Voltage 38999 Series

In order to provide solutions for all-electric power requirements on commercial aircraft and urban air mobility vehicles, or eVTOLs, we have developed the High Voltage 38999 Series. These connectors were developed as future power distribution architecture is moving toward higher voltages above what standard connectors are designed to accommodate. They are rated for up to 1200 VAC / 1500 VDC* to remain partial discharge free at 50,000 ft. Standard D38999 Series III shells are used and Dualok plugs are available for increased shock and vibration performance.