Micro-Miniature Ruggedized Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace's Miniature and Micro-Miniature Connectors include our complete 2M Micro 38999 product line, the Bantam Micro-Bayonet series, the Multi-Media Ruggedized (MRC) connectors, and our new Warrior Grip Series which is designed for the US Army’s Nett Warrior system.

Product Warrior-Lok Series Push-Pull Connectors
Warrior-Lok Series Push-Pull Connectors
Warrior- Lok is the first locking receptacle connector for the Nett Warrior program and other soldier-worn applications.
Product 2M805 Tri-Start Threaded Coupling
2M805 Tri-Start Threaded Coupling
Tri-Start threaded, ruggedized miniature connectors that meet D38999 requirements at half the size and weight.
Product 2M804 Push-Pull Quick-Disconnect
2M804 Push-Pull Quick-Disconnect
Ruggedized, push-pull miniature connectors with multiple options for soldier-worn applications.
Product 2M803 1/4 Turn Bayonet Coupling
2M803 1/4 Turn Bayonet Coupling
General purpose, bayonet-coupling miniature connectors for light-duty applications that require frequent disconnect.
Product 2M801 Dual-Start Acme Threads
2M801 Dual-Start Acme Threads
Dual-Start threaded miniature connectors for applications that require compatibility with existing technologies or cables.
Product 2M Hermetic
2M Hermetic
Amphenol 2M Hermetic Connectors offer superior sealing in a smaller and lighter package while offering the same durability of MIL-DTL-38999 connectors
Product 2M Accessories
2M Accessories
Complete line of accessories for all 2M connectors
Product Bantam
A high-performance circular connector product range developed for aerospace applications where electrical performance must be met with affordability.
Product MRC (Multi-Media Ruggedized Connectors)
MRC (Multi-Media Ruggedized Connectors)
Micro-miniature solution ideal for communications systems running Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0/USB 3.0, HDMI and 10 Gigabit Ethernet when specified and designated to a specific configuration.